Butterfly Jewelry

Butterfly Jewelry

We know number of  you’ve got asking and we  are happy  to inform you that the butterfly  jewellery is back in stock!  For those of you that don’t  understand it, We carry this jewellery  that’s created by hand with real butterfly wings and sterling silver. each piece is unique. no butterflies are harmed; to research more, see our FAQ down below. they’re not recently sold on our website but are available to check out the attractive new colors before they’re gone!

How are the butterfly wings gathered and are any butterflies harmed?

No butterflies are harmed; they come from tropical butterfly farms in the rain woodland and are collected handiest after loss of life naturally.

 How do I properly look after the butterfly jewelry?

it’s very critical that you do not get them wet at all. A polishing cloth is grate to sterling silver that will discolor. storing them in airtight shut pack will back off the tarnishing method.

what is the reason of a butterfly farm?

this is a rainforest  “sustainable use” activity  that facilitates hold wild butterfly populations, provides needed profits for the farmers, and helps save rain forests by giving them economic viability without being cut down.

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