Gold chain

Sterling Gold Chain

Sterling Gold Chain is made in many shapes, sizes, design and styles. this glossary of terms will introduce many of the most famous chain designs on the market as well as few commonplace variations. these same designs are sold in gold filled chain and other metal as well. Bookmark this page as a extremely good reference when you are looking for jewelry making supplies!

Curb Chain –  Curb chains are oval cables where each chain link has been twisted or “curbed” that the entire chain length lies flat in against the body.


Curb Chain

French Rope Chains – A Variation on the rope chain that make a spiraling effect in the completed braid. this chain is not  created in France. rumor  has it that the tool & die maker who invented the brain has the last name French. Not certain if that is simply industry legend or the real truth.

French Rope Chains

Spiga/wheat chains – other basic variety of the rope-style, wheat chains exhibit a wheat-like v-pattern when seen from the side. wheat links are commonly thicker than the fine links utilized  in normal ropes of French ropes.

Spiga/Wheat Chains

Snake Chains – A tubular chain made from assembled curved plates. snake chains are very flexible and have a strong appearance rather than open links.

Snake Chains


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