Beautiful Bangle

Beautiful latest designs of pair of gold Bangles with Uncut diamonds and gemstones. 22 carat gold beautiful designer bangles with adjustable screws and studded with small uncut chakri diamonds, oval shaped pink rubies all over.

The ‘Half Cut’ Bangle:

This gold based india  is called  “bauti” in Bengali and its design is such that the bangle is really ‘half of-reduce’ instead of a complete bangle. they’re cost-effective and apt for everyday use (by using married Indian women)

Half Cut Bangle:

Pearls for Bangles

Who knew that gold could be combined with pearls for designing bangles? The designs are basically difficult which is why they’re worn usually during special occasions.

Pearls for Bangles

Gold Bangle with Wax Filling:

This Specific gold based bangle is unique as it is filled with wax . The wax is added to give additional quality and solidness to the bangle. Married indian women wear  these bangles on every day maintain tradition.

Gold Bangle with Wax Filling


Bangles can be making in metals like silver and gold. thick gold or silver bangles worm by indian married women are called “kankan”. These are propitious  bangles that feature exquisite designs at end points.


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